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Pool & Spa poppits

Poppit brand - “The Healthy Alternative”, a chlorine and bromine free system for people concerned about asthma, sensitive skin and the environment.

The incidence of asthma is growing at an alarming rate. It is reported that 1 in 4 school age children now suffer with the ailment and in Australia and New Zealand. People with allergies also account for 40% of the population. These days, most progressive households use allergy free pillows and use non-residual room deodorants – but what about spas, spa baths and swimming pools? It is now possible to use a product that is safe and effective for all spa users, inclusive of asthmatics and allergy suffers.


For the following reasons, the hygiene of spas is critical

Spas have much less water than pools. Consider this, whether in a swimming pool or a spa, a bathers body gives off contaminants. The less water there is to dilute them, the more concentrated and dangerous they are. A bather in a spa adds 1.7 litres of sweat to 1000 litres of spa water in an hour. A swimmer adds only 500ml to a 50,000 litres swimming pool!

Spa Water is Hot. In addition to adding to a bather’s perspiration, hot water is a hospitable environment for bacteria. It also evaporates more rapidly, thereby increasing the level of total dissolved solids and other impurities.

Spa Water gives off steam. Sometimes the most dangerous element of a poorly maintained spa is not in the water itself, but rather in the steam that rises above it. Airborne contaminants can be inhaled and as we have said the studies show that this can lead to diseases of the lungs when chlorine is used.


3_simple_steps.jpg Follow this simple 3 step program for a sparking spa.

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